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To someone I just met. That way when troubles visited us, we could say "We just had this really romantic runaway marriage and didn't know each other perfectly yet" and brush it off. Instead of thinking we were dumb for having problems, we could just admit from the outset that we were nuts!


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There was a really cute avatar someone had, a comic clip that said "could you possibly be any geekier" and the answer was something like "not without a permit". I can't find it and I waaaaant it.
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I just finished watching All About Eve and I absolutely think every man should watch this movie. EVERY MAN.

In this movie, there are three very strong female leads, the aspects of the Goddess or the Woman, so to speak.  There is Margot, in the aspect of Crone, her best friend playing aspect of Wife and Mother, and of course, Eve, playing the young nubile beauty.

It's a movie which takes the personality of all women and lays it neatly down like cards.

I adore Margot.  Her old confusion, her wild nobility, stark honesty, calculated strength and loveliness of form.  Bette Davis does a wonderful job.  Margot is loveable and breathtaking, as she should be.  She draws good people to her side and keeps them.

Her best friend Karen is "a lovely woman" at its very best and sweetest, the loveliness in truth that all women secretly wish they were.  The sweetest of friends, the best of dames, very Jane Eyre.  And yet, she is a victim and child forever because of her sweetness, with young Eve always taking her in.  Margot is not just a friend--they need each other.  Margot to protect, Karen to nurture. 

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So traditionally my birthday has sucked. Like, the actual day of it. This year was kind of an amazingly bad version, like a family member who usually causes trouble at the get-togethers, but this time he got drunk and borrowed your car to do it.

But today, a little goodness peeked through. My mom obviously put a lot of thought into my tastes, and she came up with the most darling present. She's been wistfully gazing at it for days, and finally I just begged her to give it to me.

It's delicious, too yummy, no I don't think I'll tell you...
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So last night was rather full. I arrived at Sean's apartment in the late afternoon, after checking my nine voicemail messages from friends demanding to know why I hadn't called them....*blush* I lost my phone. And didn't make a big effort to find it until I knew I was going out of town again.

Christy was soooooo upset in one message, that desperate measures were necessary. I called her with Sean sitting next to me (and no prior warning) and said, "I feel so bad that I missed your call, but since you're not answering to forgive me and relieve my suffering, and the only difference between the two of us lately is, as you said, my "sweet boyfriend"--I will now begin torturing the boyfriend until you call me back." Sean was, at this point, shouting "NO!" in the background, it was quite satisfying. So I continued, very decorous, very businesslike. "I haven't decided what I'll start with, but I'm sure in about an hour we will have progressed to whips and chains" more Nos from Sean "so do call me back..." *Click*

So she called and her reply was, "What a brilliant plan! Except, someone should torture YOU when you don't call ME back!"

So now whenever I owe her a phone call I get the following text message: "Too bad you're not being tortured!" And I know she's wishing evil things upon me if I don't call her back.

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Keep your eyes on the blond--it's Julianne Hough and her brother Derek!! And boy are they better than the other couple (who are older and more experienced). I mean, just LOOK at it!

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So today I got to hang out with both my family and my friend Anna Marie. It was delightful on both counts. My family and I sat outside and enjoyed the springtime green-and-flowers woods around the house, ate steak ribs and delicious french bread. Anna Marie and I sat around in PJs and ribbed each other and talked plotlines and books while I tried to push my name up the list to borrow the latest Holly Black novel. (Don't worry folks, she remained unmoved to my pleas ^_^)

When it was time to leave, we walked to our vehicles, and someone called my name. Names. Both of them. As in, "Lacey Jenkins?"

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Because I always have finals on my birthday, and share my big day with Mothers Day because I was born on one.
Because every year someone I know graduates college, and for the last two years they have been people who are younger than me.

However. It has great weather, summer's coming up, and of course my birthday occurs.
Yay I was amused by this:
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Tonight was Bible Study at the Jenkins household. Hurray for Thursdays. Anyone who wants to be fed really good food and Bible-type lessons, do say so and I will give you directs and a time.

Friday I'll be spending in a Gifted and Talented classroom. I wonder if I can fudge that for SPED hours? Also, I wonder how many assignments I've missed due dates for in my COMM class. Geez, I hate that class. I wish I could kick it.

My dad always volunteers me to pray at the end of the Bible Study. I think it's his small revenge for all the weeks I skip church, which I've been doing lately. I don't like praying aloud in front of people. I don't like it in the same way that I don't like Speech class. It really feels like I'm making a speech, not talking to God, you know? It's hard enough to pray silently, it's not like he talks to us the same way we talk to him. Any conversation has to be a speech, because God doesn't reply out loud or immediately. Which, by the way, is one of the things I hate about prayer. If I'm talking to him, shouldn't he be talking back? At least some music should play in my head to let me know he's listening.

I don't doubt he IS listening, I'm just saying, he's making it hard for me. *scowl*

Oh well. I guess I wouldn't want the devil to be allowed to talk to me like I talk to other people. Maybe that's the rule: God remains silent so that the Devil doesn't have the right to talk either. See, that would make sense to ME. Too bad it doesn't just say that in the Bible somewhere.
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I now have a Jonathan Brandis poster.
Mwah. Mwhahahha.

This was such a good idea.
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I haven't had a celebrity obsession this bad since SeaQuest...
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I got to talk to an old friend today. ^_^ Yay! Hahhaah. Torture? Who, me?

itslikeakoala: Ok
okitslikeakoala: Later for sure I'm starving here and still gotta cook
VelvetDash: I did beignets yesterday
VelvetDash: Yummmm good
itslikeakoala: Later lace-face
VelvetDash: I love my parents' food closet
VelvetDash: later jimbo
itslikeakoala: Damn yoooooooouuuuu!
VelvetDash: *roflol*
itslikeakoala: I might die
itslikeakoala: From a combo of imagined goodness
VelvetDash: It was delicious.
itslikeakoala: And intensified hungry
VelvetDash: And there were three left over
itslikeakoala: With a garnish of homesickness
VelvetDash: That Kyle couldn't stuff in
VelvetDash: They went to waste.
itslikeakoala: Ohhhh! Twist the knife you jezebel!
itslikeakoala: I gotta go
VelvetDash: Such yummy goodness...And I still have some mix left over...I could do it again right now..
itslikeakoala: mortally wounded
VelvetDash: Maybe I will.
itslikeakoala: Friggin ohio
itslikeakoala: Ugh!
VelvetDash: *hugs and kisses* Don't mind me, I do like to rile you
VelvetDash: Byeeee!!
itslikeakoala went away at 5:29:21 PM.
VelvetDash: The Killing Dance--That's the book you'll want to start with, if not Blue Moon. Those feature Richard's dilema heavily

Auto Response from itslikeakoala: !!!!
Freakin beignet feast? Are you kidding me? That's not even fair!!!

VelvetDash: LOL@!@@
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So I was flipping through the internet trying to see what it had on qualities of a good girlfriend, and I ran into some funny things. It's probably sad and telling that I thought they were funny. But anyway! I found this one that made me laugh and I think was actually supposed to...

You're right. Things aren't looking up if I laughed at them. Oh the guilt, the sorrow...the entertainment ^_^
* Keep in mind: the road will be difficult and he won't ask directions.

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Where in time is LJJ?: http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Good-Girlfriend

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So...I got to hang out with Christy all day today. That girl finally got ahold of me, and we met at the den at about three, and talked until six, then we went to my house and she joined in at the food and Bible Study. Peanut's smile is so sweet--wish I were old enough to marry him. I'd make him laugh all the time. Totally on purpose. He needs it.

Kyle and I left our parents discussing with the Orazio's whether to send Maria to public or private school next year, and we took off on a late-night bike ride. It was beautiful. The night air was lightly perfumed with jasmine and honeysuckle. We talked. We purposefully extended the bike ride to finish the talk, doing laps down the driveway when we got too tired to really go far. Then we put up the bikes and just walked down to "The Circle" which is what we always called the cul-du-sac at the end of the street we live on. We talked about how much we missed our old friends, and what we used to do on that street. Turns out we were both smoking cigarettes and staring at stars. We agreed that we wished cigarettes didn't smell so nasty or be so bad for the body--we'd still be doing it.

He's lonely, but tired of the type of friends he was around.

We talked about Jim and Sheila, our respective first loves, and what we learned from it. Our old best friends Amy Zapata and Josh Haydel and what we learned from them. He said he missed having a group of friends that weren't fake. He said he got tired of all the things his friends enjoyed, and it all just seemed so stupid. I told him about the church group, and he was very interested.

He also said that if he couldn't find someone there, he might join the military. I don't want him to do that. So I offered to introduce him to my friends--well, Sean's friends first, I'd like to think they're my friends too. I told him it would be different. Instead of doing drugs and beating the crap out of each other, the alpha males were decided by who won the board games and stuff. He seemed pleased at the challenge. He keeps calling his old life, "the street" like "when you're on the street, there's no room for wit or intelligence". If I could find a twin to Margaret I'd want him to date her. He's much more mature than ever before, he might even be ready for a real girl.

I didn't tell him about my worries. When we talk, it's still mostly about him. He wants to do this at least twice a week, and get into shape. I don't disagree. Joanne Rowling gave me a wonderful idea.

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Things you learn from the combined tutorage of Anne Rice

and Wikipedia

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Go here.
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