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So anyway. - Damurla-sol.
Betwixt the green sea and azure vault...
So anyway.
I got to talk to an old friend today. ^_^ Yay! Hahhaah. Torture? Who, me?

itslikeakoala: Ok
okitslikeakoala: Later for sure I'm starving here and still gotta cook
VelvetDash: I did beignets yesterday
VelvetDash: Yummmm good
itslikeakoala: Later lace-face
VelvetDash: I love my parents' food closet
VelvetDash: later jimbo
itslikeakoala: Damn yoooooooouuuuu!
VelvetDash: *roflol*
itslikeakoala: I might die
itslikeakoala: From a combo of imagined goodness
VelvetDash: It was delicious.
itslikeakoala: And intensified hungry
VelvetDash: And there were three left over
itslikeakoala: With a garnish of homesickness
VelvetDash: That Kyle couldn't stuff in
VelvetDash: They went to waste.
itslikeakoala: Ohhhh! Twist the knife you jezebel!
itslikeakoala: I gotta go
VelvetDash: Such yummy goodness...And I still have some mix left over...I could do it again right now..
itslikeakoala: mortally wounded
VelvetDash: Maybe I will.
itslikeakoala: Friggin ohio
itslikeakoala: Ugh!
VelvetDash: *hugs and kisses* Don't mind me, I do like to rile you
VelvetDash: Byeeee!!
itslikeakoala went away at 5:29:21 PM.
VelvetDash: The Killing Dance--That's the book you'll want to start with, if not Blue Moon. Those feature Richard's dilema heavily

Auto Response from itslikeakoala: !!!!
Freakin beignet feast? Are you kidding me? That's not even fair!!!

VelvetDash: LOL@!@@
Jot a thought...