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YaYa Blinky - Damurla-sol.
Betwixt the green sea and azure vault...
YaYa Blinky
So last night was rather full. I arrived at Sean's apartment in the late afternoon, after checking my nine voicemail messages from friends demanding to know why I hadn't called them....*blush* I lost my phone. And didn't make a big effort to find it until I knew I was going out of town again.

Christy was soooooo upset in one message, that desperate measures were necessary. I called her with Sean sitting next to me (and no prior warning) and said, "I feel so bad that I missed your call, but since you're not answering to forgive me and relieve my suffering, and the only difference between the two of us lately is, as you said, my "sweet boyfriend"--I will now begin torturing the boyfriend until you call me back." Sean was, at this point, shouting "NO!" in the background, it was quite satisfying. So I continued, very decorous, very businesslike. "I haven't decided what I'll start with, but I'm sure in about an hour we will have progressed to whips and chains" more Nos from Sean "so do call me back..." *Click*

So she called and her reply was, "What a brilliant plan! Except, someone should torture YOU when you don't call ME back!"

So now whenever I owe her a phone call I get the following text message: "Too bad you're not being tortured!" And I know she's wishing evil things upon me if I don't call her back.

So, that was the beginning.

When I finally got off the phone with Christy, I saw Sean had his phone to his ear, pretending to use it...with the flap closed. I boxed his ears (or pretended to) and we settled down to the business of ordering food from the BK Lounge. Usually he takes me to Chile's or the Green Leaf or Kirin, but we were both in the mood for fast food last night. Did you know there's a gas shortage in Hammond?? Racetrac AND Shell! Well, one of the shells.

All evening I'd been trying to play the Question Game with Sean, not by explaining the rules mind you, but by cheating mercilessly and gaining points whenever he broke a rule he didn't know about and letting him find out in retrospect. Well, he didn't find that at all entertaining. So I began playing faster, which made me sloppy and since he thinks faster as a general rule, he began winning. He said he still didn't like it, but I'm telling you he was laughing too. I saved telling him about the Hesitation rule until we got to the movie theater though. He says "theater" funny. I told him it's his pretentious streak showing.

I'm so mean to him. But for all the meanness, we managed to have lots and looooottttssss of fun. Until Spiderman III. And the previews were awesome, and the comedic parts were awesome and James Franco was finally a character I could like (in fact, adore). But other than that I'm not telling. Just the movie was...disjointed. While watching it I felt like I was in actuality reading the comic, a bunch of little plots adding together for a bigger, yet elusive, plot at the end. I like comics, don't get me wrong, but if I'm going to read all of them back-to-back that's one of the characteristics that annoys me the most.

So we went home and talked, got into a serious discussion that made me late for hanging out with Joshua. Joshua's gram is dying, and he needed someone to talk to. So we hung out for a long time, doing Caine's, Wal-mart, and finally eating ice cream in the Books A Million parking lot as we talked about family dying and what happens to spirits when the body gives out, etc. I enjoyed the time. It wasn't morbid or too serious, but it had that important topic hidden under every few other topics.

I wanted to go back and cuddle with Sean but he had to be at work early, so I restrained myself. Say thank you, Sean.
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