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A Little Birthday Bliss - Damurla-sol.
Betwixt the green sea and azure vault...
A Little Birthday Bliss
So traditionally my birthday has sucked. Like, the actual day of it. This year was kind of an amazingly bad version, like a family member who usually causes trouble at the get-togethers, but this time he got drunk and borrowed your car to do it.

But today, a little goodness peeked through. My mom obviously put a lot of thought into my tastes, and she came up with the most darling present. She's been wistfully gazing at it for days, and finally I just begged her to give it to me.

It's delicious, too yummy, no I don't think I'll tell you...

Has anyone ever heard of The Cat's Pajamas?

Will and Grace

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Gilmore Girls

I now have a beautiful set of The Cat's Pajamas pjs...Did I mention they're lovely? And expensive *purrr* They're sushi pajamas, and my mom gave me a teaser for future presents: "I decided this would be a sushi birthday..."


Jot a thought...